Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chicago Blogger Network Event: Lara Miller (and Big Hair)

I waited to do this post because I wanted to see how Bret's photos turned out and post some of them here! Also, work got in the way...

Two Mondays ago I had the immense pleasure of attending CBN's Lara Miller event and it was so much fun! Lara is a local, Chicago designer who opened her doors and her collection to the members of the Chicago Blogger Network: We were encouraged to bring our own clothes and accessories to mix with pieces from Lara's Fall 2012 clothing collection, and we were turned loose.

On-site hair and makeup was made available to the bloggers thanks to Anthony Balthazar and Laura Pederson, and I have to say that was such a treat! I was buzzed on the excitement of event (or maybe I was caught in a cloud of hairspray) so when I sat down to have my hair done I threw caution to the wind: I gave full rein of my hair to David Garcia from Mario Tricoci:

"So, what do you want to do with your hair today?"

"Whatever you want. I'm leaving it up to you. Whatever you feel like, I'm not picky. Have fun."

David pinning up my hair.
Aside from prom I've never had my hair done up in a professionally styled 'do before, so I thought "why not?" There were no mirrors around me, so I had no idea what it would look like until it was finished when I could get up and find a mirror.

What a crazy, fabulous look! My roommate called it a modern Victorian pompadour. It was wild and crazy, and I never would have done it on my own, so I'm really glad I had someone so talented to create it for me. Thanks David!

Next I had Melanie do my makeup, and we agreed on a dramatic cat eye and brows, but not much else since the hair was so amazing.

Photo courtesy of Piper Alexander

I picked this super snuggly, voluminous cardigan with slouchy sleeves. Like all her pieces, it was made and sourced locally, out of a soft bamboo knit. I paired it with a long black T, basic black leggings, boots and belted it. A few of my favorite layered necklaces completed the look. Then it was time for some fun photos!
Photo courtesy of Piper Alexander

Having fun with Haley! She's so nice. Photo courtesy of Piper Alexander

(This isn't David, but one of the other wonderful hair stylists there) Teasing up a few more pieces before photos. Picture courtesy of Piper Alexander

This is me trying to look "tough." I think I'll stick to my day job, but I had so much fun doing these photos! It's fun to feel glamourous every once in a while. :) Photos courtesy of Bret

Changing up the accessories. This necklaces were also knit, and part of Lara's new collection! Photo courtesy of Bret.

Having fun posing with Haley! She also had some awesome big hair! Photos courtesy of Bret.

I tried on this sweater at the last minute. The color is positively luscious! Photo courtesy of Bret.

Hair: David Garcia of Mario Tricoci
Makeup: Melanie, of M for Makeup
Metal necklaces: my own
Knit necklaces (both green and purple & red): Lara Miller
Sweaters (both): Lara Miller
Black shirt: Gap
Leggings: Target
Boots: Sudini

It was a fabulous eco-bamboo-knit-bonanza! Thanks so much to everyone who made this event so much fun!

Lara Miller * Chicago Blogger Network * Bret Graphton * Anthony Balthazar * Laura Pederson * Homage Street Food * Molly's Cupcakes * Kinds Bars * Pop Chips * Smart Water * Finch Beer

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