Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bloggers Do It Better: Red Red Red!

A quick, mini-post today! I only got around to checking out Kristina's most recent Bloggers Do It Better assignment last night, and saw that the theme was red (how fitting for Valentine's Day!).

I didn't really have time for a full-on photo shoot/outfit post (it was 9pm...), but I thought it was perfect timing to post anyway because I just started reading "The Perfect Red" by Amy Butler Greenfield. It's a nonfiction pseudo-history of the color red, its significance in culture and society, and how the dyeing trade in Europe was revolutionized by the discovery of cochineal, an insect found in Latin America that produced a startlingly brilliant crimson dye previously unheard of in the Western world. The wealthy elite craved this bright hue (unattainable with European dyes), and while I'm only 50 pages in, its interesting to see the lengths people would go to for this color. It says right on the cover: "Empire! Espionage! and the Quest for the Color of Desire."

Ok, that was your history/science lesson for the day. And since I wore my only red sweater just yesterday, today I went for a fun crimson lip and matching scarf for Bloggers Do It Better. Just the thing to brighten up a grey winter day!

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