Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Music and Fashion Marriage: Lana Del Rey "Born To Die"

I've been struck by the inspiration bug again (finally!! I'm outta my slump!). Last night I was noodling around the internet instead of going to sleep, and stumbled on this awesome song, "Born To Die," by new(ish) artist Lana Del Rey:

I'm in love with her deep alto voice, bordering on sultry and with a 60's feel to it. There's no squeaky pop music here. It's an interesting music video, but I adored the fashion and makeup that was chosen for Lana (born Lizzy Grant).

Antonio Berardi Dress
She graces part of the video in a regal (fitting, since the video was shot in a castle in France) and delicately structured Antonio Berardi dress from his Spring Summer 2011 collection.

The Veronica Lake waves, plump red lips and strong brows/lashes are perfection (ah, the magic of professional makeup, lighting, and hair stylists!). 

The "bedroom scene" channels more of a Brigitte Bardot feel, with big hair, pouty lips and more thick lashes--oh my! I might have to try a little makeup routine that emulates this kind of look.

Also, apparently the girl's got a thing for flower crowns:

Reminds me of another blogger's love of flower crowns...

Her album (and this single) doesn't become available for purchase until late January, but I've been playing the video all day. I've also heard her song "Video Games" and love it as well, so I'm curious to see what her full album will bring. What do you guys think of Lana's style, music video, and/or music? What's your favorite fashion style that you've seen in a music video?

Oh, and did I mention there are tigers in the video? Added bonus.

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