Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I've Craving: The Birds (and the bees) pt. 2

After a 2 week business trip to the southwest I'm back home and back in action. Fall weather, bring it on.

Actually, let's first finish this mini series of the things I've seen lately that I've been dying for. The first part detailed my love of bees. Now we're discussing the birds.

Anthropologie has read my mind in this department:

I like how this print takes you a moment to figure out the shapes. Is it leaves, flowers? Ryukyu Blouse at Anthropologie

A comfy knit pull over. Perfect casual chic, with birds that look like they were made out of brush strokes. Swoop & Glide pullover at Anthropologie

Absolutely adorable! Can't go wrong with penguins. Adelie Blouse at Anthropologie 

They don't have the scarf version of this same print that I saw in the store, but Gap's online store has this equally pretty bird print shell!

This is a really fun skirt. I also like the ruffle detail at the top! Felted wool skirt at eShakti.

So cute!! Hand painted porcelain plate from Etsy seller Jimbobart

I love this vintage-feeling print that is printed onto old dictionary pages! Still looking for things to decorate my new place, and this is definitely on my mind. From Etsy seller LoveThePicture, and they have a ton of other fun prints too!

And finally, this awesome ring that combines both of my loves:

Bird and bee ring from Etsy seller MyLavaliere

Birds have been a pretty common trend the past few seasons. Do you own anything with birds (or bees) on it? If not, you can always take the following advice. Easy as pie: