Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things I'm Craving: The (Birds and the) Bees


Even though summer is over and moving briskly into autumn (unless of course you reside in the southern hemisphere), I've been finding many different insect and bird-themed pieces recently. You might remember from an earlier post that I adore anything with a bumble bee theme. It's, ya know, my "thing."

This Ringspun dress from ASOS uses a pretty, blown up pattern that hints at a bee theme without being too in your face. 

I have these sheets from Pottery Barn on my bed, in both the blue and gold :)

I've seen this shirt in person in the store (Anthropologie) and its adorable!

I love this feminine blouse by EmersonMade, especially with that pencil skirt. 

And look a the little details! I love pieces that have these little details that are more than they seem: Not just polka dots but little bumble bees. 
I adore these bee glasses by La Rochere. My parents have these tumblers and the taller version, and you can find them at Sur La Table, Amazon, etc. It would be a totally frivolous purchase for me at the moment, but I totally want them. 

Rrrgh, this vintage plant stand sold before I could buy it. It's shabby chic and a little French-looking.

Do you have a favorite animal/motif/pattern that you like to collect? Stay tuned for part 2 with all my favorite bird pieces!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Always In Style: Making a Difference, and the Chicago Uniform Project

I really want to bring attention to this amazing project that was pushed to me by my brother (hey, thanks bro!) who works at the same company as Sarah and sent me her link:

I contacted Sarah through her Chicago Uniform Project website asking if I could blog about her Project and she graciously agreed to let me post about her progress and hopefully gain some more attention for her efforts!

I'm sure some of you are aware of the original Uniform Project started by Sheena Matheiken in May 2009. She decided to wear the same little black dress (LBD) everyday for a whole year, with the hope of garnering attention and donations for the Akanksha Foundation which develops schools for underprivileged children in India! Sarah is recreating Sheena's model on a smaller scale here in Chicago, with all donations going to local foundation Connections for Abused Women and their Children and their commitment to end domestic violence:
This is the the kind of initiative that really gets me excited. Fashion and style is all kinds of fun, as evidenced by my and so many other blogs out there run by people who really love a good outfit. But someone dressing up and making money for an honest-to-goodness good cause?? She had me at "LBD."

Sarah will be wearing her own LBD everyday in the month of September, outfitted every which way in the adorable manner you can observe below. Not only will Sarah's monetary efforts directly support CAWC, but she will be highlighting a number of local Chicago boutiques to encourage dressing local and supporting independent businesses. For example: on September 14th she will be highlighting Sir & Madame boutique (in Ukrainian Village) and will be offering an exclusive code which, when entered on their website, will donate 15% of your purchase to CAWC. So go check out her site to get the code!!

How adorable is she??

  Check out her site, the Chicago Uniform Project for more info, and please consider making a donation!! I've made a donation myself, and hope others will consider it as well. :)