Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When (Chicago) Bloggers Come Out to Play

I had the immense pleasure this past Saturday of joining a bevy of fellow, native, Chicago bloggers at Deliciously Vintage for a fine and fancy Blogger Meet Up!

Part of the reason I have deeply loved blogging is how far and wide you can connect with people with similar interests. Since moving to Chicago from the suburbs I have been thrilled to be able to meet some fantastic bloggers in person and become friends with them as well. And they didn't even lure me into an unmarked van with promises of candy like my mom warned me about as a child! Ah, the power of the internet. But anyway...

As a warning, not all of these photos turned out as well as I'd hoped...I'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to photographing with in-door lighting!

How stunning is this?? I forgot to look and see who the designer is, but it totally plays to my love of South Asian and Indian-inspired detailing.

(L to R) Tabitha (Defining Tabitha), Emily (Sartoriography), Lisa (Archives Vintage), Karyn (Deth Rose Vintage), and Annie (Time Enough for Drums)

A sample of some of the beautiful pieces they had, and the riot of colors and textures on display. 

Lisa, in a gorgeous lace dress that I totally loved!!

This picture does not do justice to Nikia's fabulous necklace (poor lighting...). The large beads were a deep cobalt blue, like lapis. Love it!
*Edit* Nikia let me know that Fennimas is the designer of this awesome necklace! Thanks Nikia!!

Delicious Vintage had a very pretty courtyard in the back of their store which was a great setting for some pictures! Two fabulous vintage lovers! Leilani and Karyn looking adorable and classy all at the same time!

Tara (Haute Lunch) was absurdly sweet. 

I loved the cut-out shoulder look I've been seeing around this summer so I DIY'd a shirt for myself and test-drove it to the event. 

Fun wrist baubles!
Green deerskin wrap bracelet: Etsy
Tiger: Bought in Australia
Gold skinny link: JewelMint
Assorted bangles: J. Crew, vintage

This necklace was on crazy-sale at Banana Republic ($225 down to $35!) and is just crazy in general. I had to have it. 
Cut-out shoulder tunic: DIY'd from an H&M tunic
Belt: gift
Necklace: Banana Republic
Jeans: Target
Rings: eBay, Etsy
Flip flops: gift

Leilani looks perfectly ladylike here!

I love anything with bees!

top rowRandi (Not Just Mom), Emily (Sartoriography), Lisa (Archives Vintage), Leilani (Thriftaholic), myself, Nikia (ChiTown Fashionista)
bottom row: Piper Alexander (Cheap & Chic in Chicago), Tabitha (Defining Tabitha), Sabrina (Defying My Closet) 

 Thank you so much to Lisa and Tabitha (and anyone else involved!) for helping put this awesome event together and giving us some badass goodie bags!! And thank you to Deliciously Vintage for hosting the event! Let's do it again soon, shall we? :)

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