Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thing's I've Been Craving: Bangle Wrangle

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been hot as hell and gross the past 2 weeks or so in Chicago. I have to admit that my outfits have been less than exciting, as I mostly strive to wear as little as possible without being totally inappropriate (at least, in the office...). And I hate hearing about "Fall Fashion!" because even with this dreadful weather I do not want it to start getting cold again. I just can't be pleased can I?

So here's what's been noodling around in my head (and my search history) as of late:

Enamel Bangles 

Let's first talk about my dream bangles. Please observe:

These bangles are so beautiful and detailed. But my goodness they are quite out of my price range. I've even scoured eBay and can still only find them for a couple hundred dollars a piece. In which case, I've looked around and found some really pretty enamel bangles that are more reasonable:

Lucky Brand (and it's on sale!)

Lucky Brand (and it's on sale!)
Anne Klein
This one has a great Gucci feel, but is only $28!

ASOS (sorry for the screenshot!)
How awesome are these square ones? I love a twist on an old classic.

I love the clink of an armful of metal bangles, particularly these bright and interesting enamel ones!

I have to say, I'm very sad that J. Crew no longer carries its once-signature bangles. When they went on sale I would stock up on them, and they always had a slew of new colors every season. I think they stopped carrying them about a year or two ago, but they were always a staple for finding classic bangles! A shame, I hope they bring them back...

How do you feel about an armful of enamel bangles? And where have you found the best ones? Let me know!

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