Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Randolph Street Market: Interior Beautification Fixation

I've really become more interested in thrifting and vintage shopping in the past few months or so, especially since I've moved into Chicago and increased my proximity to some pretty awesome flea markets, vintage shops and street fairs.

I've been to the Randolph Street Market before, but Saturday was the first time I was able to bring my camera and really take the time to snap some photos of things I was drawn to. Recently, I've mostly been looking for things to decorate my apartment, and found myself attracted to ornate wall hangings, interesting coffee table items and knick-knacks to decorate various shelves and table top areas in my apartment. 

Three wise men?

I'm loving sconces, especially these ones against this modern, minimalist chair. And who doesn't want/need the box of fish behind it?

Pretty collection of glass dishes, perhaps ice cream dishes?

Love the blue Ball jars. 

More sconces. My mom has a pair like this in her house that she places ever-changing nick-knacks on.


Been thinking of hanging a collection of mismatched picture frames on my walls.

Thought this was really cool! I'd put it outside my house (if I owned a house...)

Flowers are always pretty. I also love the iron, corner shelving unit, the small chandelier-style lamp behind it and the colorful vase to the right!

Shockingly, looking back on my pictures of the market I realized I'd barely taken any photos of clothing or jewelry, which are usually foremost in my mind. This decorating is getting to me! I think my mom calls it "nesting."

Having a space all my own has been both thrilling and exhausting: I'm in control of my destiny(!), but how on earth do I decorate the place?(!)? On my first trip to the Randolph Street Market in June I bought these three pieces to hang vertically in my room:

They are tin ceiling panels from the 20's that are mounted on simple wooden frames and given a rustic-looking wash to make the details pop. I absolutely love them! (These pictures are not the greatest though, I need to retake pictures during the day with natural light to make them look less yellow)

Needless to say, I think it will take some time to accumulate a sense of interior design style, and it is a totally new area for me (but I love the challenge!). I think it will be a gradual process to find things to fill my new home! Has anyone else been to the Randolph Street Market and found some awesome goodies??

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