Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Traveling Journal Visits Chicago

We're throwing a little art into the mix this time around, as I'd like to share the wonderful project started by Ally of The Vintage Valley, called The Traveling Journal. I pretty much jumped on this as soon as I saw her post about it, I think its a fantastic idea! The journal is meant to be filled with all manner of art by the everyone it is handed off to, and then that person sends it along to the next!

The Journal started in Perth, Australia, made its way over the west coast of the U.S., and then found its way to my house right outside Chicago. I had hoped to do something Chicago-related to fill my three alloted pages, but my creative juices weren't feeling that vibe when I sat down to sketch out my pages. Instead I painted whatever decided to come out of me.

(Also, please excuse the quality of these photos...I had wanted to photograph them in natural light, but ran out of time and had to run to the post office before it closed. I had to use my photos from the night before.)

This one is a quote from the Alchemist that's really stuck with my through the years. If you haven't read it, I recommend you do. 

Who doesn't love a sunset? I've been meaning to work on painting clouds with watercolors. Not easy, but I learn more with each painting I do. 

This one was just fun. I haven't made a collage since...3rd grade? Nothing a stack of magazines, scissors and a glue stick won't help. But glossy prints are hard to looks much better in person, in my opinion

Keep an eye on Ally's blog to see where the Traveling Journal lands next!

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