Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-How frequently (very frequently) I casually stroll by the front desk and slip my hand into the candy dish for some chocolate. It's embarrassing, really.

-When you get nervous around someone and start over-explaining the reasons why you're doing a certain activity. Exhibit A:
     Superior: "Did you need to see me?"
     Me: "Oh, not you! I mean, I need to see your office, for your printer. For toner. But I didn't want to interrupt if you were on a call or something, or busy, or had a meeting..."
     Superior: "Do I need toner?"
     Me: "No, no, but you will. See, I need to see if your printer matches this toner I have. See, Maggy was cleaning out her desk, and she found this toner, and she wants to see if it matches your computer, but if not she will see if it matches her printer at home, and if not she'll try to sell it on eBay."
     Superior: " don't need to see me?"
     Me: "No, just your printer. For the toner. To see if it matches this toner. Maggy found it in her desk, and we didn't want to just throw it away and... you know?"

- Resisting the urge the share every adorable dog/cat/baby picture/video/post I find with all my friends and family. Every. Single. One. There's too many, they're too cute!

-Double chin. I need to do what Tyra does, and remember to stick out my neck in photos so I don't look like I have no neck, just two chubby chins. Not flattering.

-Apartment hunting. It's a bit stressful as well, but I'm already envisioning decorating my first place, my own place :D

-Packing away my big down jacket for the last time until November rolls around again.

-Seeing things grow and turn green again.

-Chocolate. Just... lots of it.

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