Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Closet Staples: Delicate Pendants Part II

So here are the rest of the pendants that I wear with a great deal of frequency. I also really like to mix and match them together, or pair them with longer or shorter pieces to contrast. If you missed the first part of this mini series, go check it out!

This necklace has particular meaning for me. I bought it while I was traveling in New Zealand, by myself, and it is hand carved of Pounamu, or "greenstone." Pounamu is jade that is found strictly in New Zealand (not from China...) and can only be found on the Southern Island. The hand carved Pounamu pendants are traditional of the Maori in New Zealand, and are today most often seen in the shapes of a fishing hook, a tiki, twists and double twists, and this spiral koru.

The koru represents an unfurling fern frond, and is symbolic to New Zealand in general, as well as Maori culture. It represents strength, peace, and has a strong sense of regrowth and new beginnings, as the new fern unfurls in nature. I chose this carving for its meaning, and I felt like I was on the cusp of a new place in life when I bought it. I wear this one in particular when I feel like I need a good luck charm or a bit of a boost!

This one is fairly new, but my best friend brought it back for me from Morocco. I'm not sure if this little symbol thingy means anything, but I love the tribal feel.

These two necklaces are both vintage! The rectangular slice of mother of pearl was my grandmother's, and I love the shape and luster, as well as the rainbow that flashes across the surface in the light. Subtle, but with an earthy feel.

And I adore this silver star pendant, it was my mom's when she was my age. I have a thing for stars :) Both of these are on longer chains, so I like to pair them with shorter necklaces, or wear them both together.

So those are my favorite necklaces that rotate my wardrobe! If you haven't, check out Part I to see the first handful of pendants I discussed. I have a ton of other fun pendants and chains and necklaces that I like to wear, but these are really the staples in my closet!

What are you favorite pieces of jewelry that you wear consistently? Do they have any special meaning?

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