Friday, March 18, 2011

Closet Staples: Delicate Pendants Part I

I've been meaning to start an ongoing mini series highlighting the things in my closet that stand out as staples for my style. One thing that I'm almost never without is some kind of necklace. Some people have earrings or a ring or bracelet that they cannot be without, they eat, sleep and shower in it, and might fiddle with it when they're bored or nervous. For me, it's a small pendant of some kind.

I tend to generally classify necklaces into two-ish categories: pendant-style and strand/chain-style. Now that we've covered my scientific classification of neck-adorning ornamentation and trinketry, let's look at some of my favorite pendants:

You guys have seen this one before, when I highlighted Cerce's House earlier this year. I can hardly feel it when I'm wearing it, and it's very subtle, but I like how it's unexpected with the garnet stones set only on one side. 

This blue one may be my absolute favorite. It is Persian (made in Iran) but I bought it in Australia two years ago. I also bought a pair of matching earrings that have dangling silver chain hanging from the bottom, but the size and shape of this one is simply perfect.

I love, love, love the rich cobalt blue color with the intricate granulation in silver. Anything with that tiny level of detail is so intriguing to me. I like things that a great amount of decoration in a small space: it makes it seem like a lot of skill was needed to make it.

You can't really tell from the pictures, but the back of the pendant is domed so that when I pull it off my neck and let it fall it makes a small "plop" noise against my sternum with the small cupped area of air behind it. Don't know exactly what it is, but having worn it so much over the past 2+ years I almost have an emotional attachment to this piece. It just spoke to me when I first saw it. 

I'm sure a ton of you will recognize this gold pendant in the middle with the Braille. It's one of Jess Constable's fabulous Jess LC pieces from the Franklin collection. It reads "breath" in Braille on this side, and the written word on the back. When things get stressful I try to remind myself to breath. I also like the tinkling sound this pendant makes when it hits against the blue pearl charms. :) 

This bee with the toggle closure is from Slane & Slane, and was a gift from my mom this past Christmas.  I'm obsessed with anything that has bees on it, particularly a Napoleonic bee motif (not a cutesy, cartoon bee). You'll remember my signet ring from this post that also has a bee on it. My parents' nickname for me is BZ, or Bee, so I've always had little bee-themed things around the house. :)

So, do you have any particular piece of jewelry that has significant meaning? Do you ever take it off?

Stay tuned for part II tomorrow!

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