Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Break, Retrospective, and the Red Cross

It's been longer than I would like since I've posted anything, but life seems to get in the way every once in a while. Unfortunately, this isn't a style post, you'll have to excuse me. This past week was busy with house-and-cat sitting, seeing some old friends, and trying to fight off a nasty bug. Come Friday, I'd hoped to be able to shoot some outfits and write a few blog posts, but seeing the devastation of the earthquake just hitting Japan, coupled with the few moments of panic when I realized my parents were on the west coast of the US, seemed to sap any creative energy I had. (Thankfully, the tsunami's effect on US shores was minimal so my parents were fine, but its hard to shake that worry after seeing the devastation that occurred in 2004 in Indonesia.)

It seemed like every time I opened my computer to type or attempted to put together an outfit, my efforts fell flat like a rapidly deflating balloon. I felt weird thinking about clothes and accessories with pictures from Japan flicking across the screen of the TV. I have a minor in Asian Studies in college, and took two years of Japanese language in addition to Japanese culture and art classes. It was my hope to travel to Japan, but alas that didn't happen in college. I'd still like to go someday. Even though I have never been to Japan, I feel crushed by the increasing state of despair and the rush to find survivors, overshadowed by nuclear plant complications.

I felt a similar deafening feeling last month when an earthquake shook New Zealand, a country usually not associated with tectonic notions. In leu of Japan, I traveled to Australia 2 years ago, and got to spend a glorious 10 day trip in New Zealand. I totally fell in love with the country, head over heels, and had crammed in as much as I could in those 10 days, to see as much as possible. The country itself is as varied as it is breathtaking, ranging from mountains and rolling hills to rainforest to rocky beaches and sheer cliffs to glaciers to snowy mountain peaks. I had spent time in Christchurch, the area most effected by the NZ earthquake.

I'll try not to wax too poetically, but after taking a blogging-break it was amazing to see the wealth of posts by other bloggers concerned for Japan and the surrounding Pacific nations effected by both the earthquake and the resulting tsunami. I've seen tons of links for tons of different charities, but I've chosen to go with the good ol' Red Cross. I've made a donation to help disaster victims (Disaster Relief to Countless Crises, although you can donate directly to the Japanese relief efforts too), and I hope you will consider making one as well. :)

Thanks y'all.

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