Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


-Buying two cupcakes from the Flirty Cupcakes truck, and scarfing one of them before I get back to the office so it looks like I only bought myself one, and my coworkers won't judge me...

-Green beer. I can only think of that scene from Super Bad where he fills the detergent jugs with beer--gross!

-Having a hair stuck in your bra, and no way to escape to the bathroom to fish it out. Itchy!

-Letting enthusiasm get the best of you, verbally. Case in point: "Oh god, I would chop off someone's feet if it meant I could have those shoes!" You get weird looks from people you don't know when you say such things in public. Tsk tsk.


-Spring weather!!! It might actually hit 60 today!

-Skirts. They're so swishy.

-Bonding with the fellow labrador-obsessed. Boss.

-When people make dog-talk (similar to baby-talk) to dogs they see on the street. I like you. Let's be friends. Can I have a treat? There's a good smooshy-baby-boo...

-Toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. The only thing better is a croque monsieur. Yum...

-Red wine, a jar of dulce de leche ice cream sauce, and a spoon with a good friend. Ice cream itself is optional. Yummmmm....

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