Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-Having to explain that just because I replaced a woman named Jodi, and I was called "the new Jodi," does not mean my name is actually Jodi. It's Sara.
-When the skirt of your dress is too tight, and you bend over to pick something up and hear a rrrrrrrippp.
-Remembering too late on the train that, with spring temperatures and not wearing tights, one should check first to see that they have, indeed, shaved their legs. Whoops.

-Being a part of Ally's Traveling Journal!! Go check it out, and follow the journal's progression. I believe I will be the third person of ten to receive it, and then I pass it along to Ontario!
-Long holiday weekends. I tip my hat to Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and all those other powered-wig-wearing founding fathers of the US. Thanks to you, I can sleep in this coming Monday.
-Temperatures above freezing. The snow is all melting away! I'll take sorta-warm and muddy over frigid and snowy any day.
-Getting compliments on the dress you wore, from both men and women in the office, and told that I was looking "sharp." :)  Even if you did rip the bottom slit a little higher when you bent over to pick something up. Hopefully that's not why I got compliments...

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