Friday, January 7, 2011

Friends Friday: Blogging up to Standards, or, "Let's Discuss"

I've been following and reading everyone's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday posts for a while now and finally decided to join. I really like the dialogue that blogging can create between people, so I'm excited to be participating!

1. Have you ever looked at someone's blog and thought yours will never measure up? Absolutely, I think everyone probably has.  There are some really impressive writers, bloggers and blogs out there! When you're starting from scratch it can seem like a mighty steep mountain to climb. But I've realized recently how important it can be to do things for yourself in life, and this blog is first and foremost for my own pleasure! It doesn't matter how it compares to others as long as I'm happy with it :)

2. Do you (did you) feel pressure to meet some kind of undefined standard for fashion bloggers? Yes, and I still do from time to time. There are a million different uncertainties you can have as a (fashion) blogger: I don't have any photoshopping or photo editing skills, graphic design skills, photography skills or connections of any kind in the fashion industry. Is my fashion sense too bland? Too preppy? Too J. Crew? Don't I need to be funkier, more out-there to gain some attention? And I don't have a professional photographer as a boyfriend/husband/sibling/friend/coworker to take my pictures for me. But this blog is not my life, my career, or my source of income. I started it so I could enjoy fashion and meet other lovers of clothes and pretty things!

3. Many established fashion bloggers are also extraordinary DIYers, bakers, and crafty people. Do you think you need to combine all of these things to be successful at blogging? No, I don't. I think there are some fabulously talented DIYers and crafty people out there, and many are very good at blending these things with other passions in their blogs. But a blog can be about anything! Strictly one topic, or many, its up to the blogger. 

4. The most successful blogs are the ones that have their own personal voice - how are you developing your voice or how did you find yours? I've been trying to convey the humor I find in life into my writing. I'm not particularly adept at writing humor (I find it rather difficult actually), but I'd love the idea of someone reading my blog and getting a laugh. Also, re-reading and editing is important! I tend to ramble if I'm not careful, so re-reading helps me cut down the fluff. 

5. Toot your own horn... what's one thing you do that is unique to you and your blog? What gives your blog an edge? I'm definitely still trying to find my groove and my voice on this blog. But I think part of this blog is going to include the journey (if I can claim a cliche for a moment) as I make myself try new fashions and trends. I really want to create a dialogue with people to share ideas, tips, and stories about their fashion lives. I want to share the things that I really love, and hope it sparks interest in others. 

Happy Weekend! 

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