Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabulous Finds: Moonstone necklace from Circe's House

I'd love to start doing segments where I can highlight pieces I've found from some lesser known designers and artists. To start off, I found Circe's House while trolling Etsy looking for a Christmas present for my best friend.

***Also, before I go any further, I am not being paid to write this review. Actually, I contacted them to ask them if it was alright to post about their shop on my blog because I was so thrilled with the two necklaces I bought from them.

I found a beautiful moonstone pendant for  my bestie (Katie!), and loved it so much I bought a similar one for myself. Here's the one I purchased for myself:

I'm a particular fan of unusual and semi precious stones like labradorite and moonstone, which have an ethereal look with their semiopaque and milky centers. The shape of this moonstone with the asymmetrical garnet beads is perfect! It's dainty and feminine with the unexpected red beads running down one side only. 

I also have to say that husband-and-wife team Whitney and Paul, who run Circe's House out of Lexington, KY, could not have been nicer when I corresponded with them. I decided after I'd received my necklace that I wished the chain could have been a bit longer, and I offered to pay the shipping necessary to send it back to them and have them add about 3 inches to the chain. Graciously, they offered to simply send me an extender through the regular mail so there would be no charge! Here it is:

You can see the extender here. They added another clasp to the ends so it can simply clip onto the existing clasp attached to the original necklace.

They even added two extra garnet beads to the extender so it would match the rest of the necklace! I was thrilled. If I ever needed to, I could even unclip it and use it on another necklace!

In these photos you can really see the blue colors coming out: 

I love dainty, pretty jewelry with unexpected details (I'll post more about this next time around!), and many of the pieces found at Circe's House have a delicate, earthy vibe that goes hand in hand with their hand-wrapped, wire construction. Looking through their shop you'll find their jewelry to be ethereal, a bit whimsical, and delightfully subtle. They often work with moonstone, labradorite, pearls, sunstones and amethyst, but you'll also find other semi precious gems as well. They're open to changes if you'd prefer a necklace to be reworked with gold, sterling silver or black/"tarnished" metal instead of what's shown. Below are a few examples of what you'll find in their Etsy store. If you click on the photos it will link you right to their store:

They make this pretty pearl bird's nest as a ring as well!

They also create some very impressive hand-beaded work:

Prices are reasonable considering the use of semiprecious stone and silver and gold-plated wire and chains. I was beyond thrilled with my two purchases, and was very pleased that Whitney and her husband were so receptive to my questions when I contacted them. Check out their store!

What pieces do you like best from their store?

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