Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 for 30 Day 18: Will someone please disengage now? Or, how to cheer yourself up

This past week was one of those where I kept expecting some B-list celebrity to jump onto the scene with a camera and scream, "You've just been punk'd--all week long!" Alas, no. Instead, my week ended with proverbial "bang" when the control panel of my life was infiltrated, had the reins ripped from my hands, and "kamikaze mode" was engaged without my permission. I think it was the gremlins.

I face the approaching Monday with all the enthusiasm of a baby cow being lead to slaughter.

But enough of acting like this blog is a thirteen year old's Xanga. Its supposed to be about fashion, and fashion makes me happy, so I dragged myself out from under a rock yesterday morning and put on my favorite colors and photographed outside for a delightful change of pace.

I also highly recommend listening to your favorite music when you're photographing, even if it means bringing your laptop outside in the snow and setting it on your coat on the ground. :)

  The two-toned tights show up best in the above photo. You can see them here too. I love them! 

My only thought at soon as I let this snowball go was "Wow, that was really stupid... dear God please don't actually hit my camera."

Sweater: J. Crew
Dress (under sweater): Walter, from Loehmann's
Scarf: gift from Mom, from Bergdorf Goodman I think
Belt: Thrift
Leather Gloves: J. Crew
Two-toned tights:TJ Maxx
Over the knee socks: TJ Maxx
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

This scarf looks black-and-white in these photos, but its actually a black scarf covered in dangling, shiny metal disks (like sequins, but even better). It jingles with every step you take, and it makes me happy. My mom brought it back from a trip to NYC before I'd ever gotten the chance to go myself, and it totally falls under the category of Best Gifts Ever. This scarf combined with my favorite upbeat music and a great photography session definitely helped put me in a better mood :)

What do you guys do to cheer yourself up after a bad day? I'm also partial to indulging in some retail therapy...

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