Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It's been a really painful month of blogging for me. Don't get me wrong, it's been a happily busy month full of great things, and travel, and friends, and puppies...but blogging has just taken a back seat. I blame the early evenings and lack of daylight to photograph with.

Also, I'm writing this post from my parents' place in Florida, where my family spent Christmas this year. Let's just say, it's a lot more relaxing and warm here.

Anyway...let's see if I can get the blogging ball rolling again in the New Year ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spoiled Rotten (in relative terms of course...)

I have to say, in my opinion we've been pretty spoiled with a mild fall here in Chicago. It was 70 degrees as a high last week! In November, that's pretty unheard of here; we're usually already grousing about the wind chill by now, and bundled up in down coats and boots. Well, just this morning I was bundled up in my down coat and boots, and grousing about the wind chill...

Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: J. Crew
Belt: J. Crew
Trouser jeans: J. Crew
Earrings: J. Crew
Necklace: Jess LC
Shoes: (need to check when I get home!)

I have too much J. Crew in my closet...a result of working there for two years. 

Anyway, an official farewell to fall, since summer is long gone, and the holidays are right around the in, two days from now. No more going out coat-less until April-ish or May. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EmBo: An Eco Friendly Boutique!

I am really excited about this post. :)

I walk down Southport Ave in Chicago everyday on my way to and from work, and I noticed EmBo Boutique setting up and getting ready to open at the tail end of the summer. Passing it twice a day piqued my curiosity, and when I saw it was finally open I stepped in to take a look. There I met Heather, the adorable founder and owner of this new eco-friendly boutique:

First off, Heather is so incredibly welcoming and kind. We easily got to chatting about clothes, vintage, cooking, blogs, and I asked if she would mind me bringing my camera by and snapping some photos of her new boutique for my blog. She agreed!

Everything she sells in her boutique is organic, vintage, repurposed and/or "upcycled." She has an amazing selection of organic knit tops, sweaters, skirts and dresses that are so soft. She also sells amazing vintage pieces that she finds, including jewelry and accessories. I've already bought a beautiful vintage necklace from her, as well as two awesome muffler-scarves that are repurposed from chunky knit sweaters (one was sent to my friend Lindsay!); I'll add photos of those pieces in another post!

An organic knit top with a vintage necklace!

The card says it all :)

The gold purse was made from a pair of cowboy boots!

Even the decorations and displays are vintage or upcycled, as much as she was able. The bags above are vintage, and the wooden planks used as shelves are older and repurposed.

Such a cool lamp!

Killer vintage coat

If you are near the Lakeview or Wrigleyville areas, you should definitely check out EmBo at 3432 N. Southport Ave! Heather is super nice and helpful, and would love to dress you up in some of her awesome vintage or eco-friendly pieces! And thanks to Heather for letting me come play in her store :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Late Notes + Chicago Blogger Network Party at Tribute!

Woot, October was a busy month (but in the best way possible)! Things seem to be coming up daisies for me lately, which is a welcome change, but I'm embarrassed how much my blog has suffered...sorry blog *pat pat*

Last Wednesday evening was the Chicago Blogger Network's first real event where all sorts of local bloggers got the chance to mix, mingle and meet at Tribute. I've been very excited about the prospect of meeting other Chicago bloggers; I've been living in the city for four months now, and I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of this city! Meeting so many lovelies was a real treat for me :)

Amy from Suburban Blender, Pilar from PJ & Hubby, Kelly from Kelly's Kitchen, and myself!

Kelly and I have been friends since middle school (!), but it was really wonderful for us to meet so many other sweet bloggers like Amy and Pilar! Definitely check out their blogs, they run the gamut from makeup to fashion to food. 

I heaved along my camera for the event, but decided to be selfish and enjoy myself without taking many photos that night. Thankfully @Tyliner  from Dark Room Demons was there to capture some amazing shots of the night. You can check out the rest of the photos from the night at CBN's Tumblr. Here's an awesome shot of myself, Kelly and Pilar:

Photo via Dark Room Demons
Blouse: Banana Republic
Tank: Theory
Belt: Ann Taylor
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Hue via Marshalls
Shoes: Urban Outfitters, with Red Laces: from J. Crew

Thanks so much to Tribute and the Chicago Blogger Network for putting this event together!

On another note, my blog is not my job; it's my hobby, my creative outlet, and a chance for me to meet other people who have a voice and opinion on what they are passionate about. Since I first ventured into the world of blogging a year ago, I've been so pleasantly surprised how much dialogue is conjured between people from all walks of life. I've been very excited about the Chicago Blogger Network because I think its a great opportunity for bloggers to connect. There are other great benefits to be had from this kind of organized community, but I'm most looking forward to all the other local bloggers I get to meet. :)

Has anyone else joined a blogger network of sorts? What has your experience been?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I've Craving: The Birds (and the bees) pt. 2

After a 2 week business trip to the southwest I'm back home and back in action. Fall weather, bring it on.

Actually, let's first finish this mini series of the things I've seen lately that I've been dying for. The first part detailed my love of bees. Now we're discussing the birds.

Anthropologie has read my mind in this department:

I like how this print takes you a moment to figure out the shapes. Is it leaves, flowers? Ryukyu Blouse at Anthropologie

A comfy knit pull over. Perfect casual chic, with birds that look like they were made out of brush strokes. Swoop & Glide pullover at Anthropologie

Absolutely adorable! Can't go wrong with penguins. Adelie Blouse at Anthropologie 

They don't have the scarf version of this same print that I saw in the store, but Gap's online store has this equally pretty bird print shell!

This is a really fun skirt. I also like the ruffle detail at the top! Felted wool skirt at eShakti.

So cute!! Hand painted porcelain plate from Etsy seller Jimbobart

I love this vintage-feeling print that is printed onto old dictionary pages! Still looking for things to decorate my new place, and this is definitely on my mind. From Etsy seller LoveThePicture, and they have a ton of other fun prints too!

And finally, this awesome ring that combines both of my loves:

Bird and bee ring from Etsy seller MyLavaliere

Birds have been a pretty common trend the past few seasons. Do you own anything with birds (or bees) on it? If not, you can always take the following advice. Easy as pie:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things I'm Craving: The (Birds and the) Bees


Even though summer is over and moving briskly into autumn (unless of course you reside in the southern hemisphere), I've been finding many different insect and bird-themed pieces recently. You might remember from an earlier post that I adore anything with a bumble bee theme. It's, ya know, my "thing."

This Ringspun dress from ASOS uses a pretty, blown up pattern that hints at a bee theme without being too in your face. 

I have these sheets from Pottery Barn on my bed, in both the blue and gold :)

I've seen this shirt in person in the store (Anthropologie) and its adorable!

I love this feminine blouse by EmersonMade, especially with that pencil skirt. 

And look a the little details! I love pieces that have these little details that are more than they seem: Not just polka dots but little bumble bees. 
I adore these bee glasses by La Rochere. My parents have these tumblers and the taller version, and you can find them at Sur La Table, Amazon, etc. It would be a totally frivolous purchase for me at the moment, but I totally want them. 

Rrrgh, this vintage plant stand sold before I could buy it. It's shabby chic and a little French-looking.

Do you have a favorite animal/motif/pattern that you like to collect? Stay tuned for part 2 with all my favorite bird pieces!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Always In Style: Making a Difference, and the Chicago Uniform Project

I really want to bring attention to this amazing project that was pushed to me by my brother (hey, thanks bro!) who works at the same company as Sarah and sent me her link:

I contacted Sarah through her Chicago Uniform Project website asking if I could blog about her Project and she graciously agreed to let me post about her progress and hopefully gain some more attention for her efforts!

I'm sure some of you are aware of the original Uniform Project started by Sheena Matheiken in May 2009. She decided to wear the same little black dress (LBD) everyday for a whole year, with the hope of garnering attention and donations for the Akanksha Foundation which develops schools for underprivileged children in India! Sarah is recreating Sheena's model on a smaller scale here in Chicago, with all donations going to local foundation Connections for Abused Women and their Children and their commitment to end domestic violence:
This is the the kind of initiative that really gets me excited. Fashion and style is all kinds of fun, as evidenced by my and so many other blogs out there run by people who really love a good outfit. But someone dressing up and making money for an honest-to-goodness good cause?? She had me at "LBD."

Sarah will be wearing her own LBD everyday in the month of September, outfitted every which way in the adorable manner you can observe below. Not only will Sarah's monetary efforts directly support CAWC, but she will be highlighting a number of local Chicago boutiques to encourage dressing local and supporting independent businesses. For example: on September 14th she will be highlighting Sir & Madame boutique (in Ukrainian Village) and will be offering an exclusive code which, when entered on their website, will donate 15% of your purchase to CAWC. So go check out her site to get the code!!

How adorable is she??

  Check out her site, the Chicago Uniform Project for more info, and please consider making a donation!! I've made a donation myself, and hope others will consider it as well. :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Randolph Street Market: Interior Beautification Fixation

I've really become more interested in thrifting and vintage shopping in the past few months or so, especially since I've moved into Chicago and increased my proximity to some pretty awesome flea markets, vintage shops and street fairs.

I've been to the Randolph Street Market before, but Saturday was the first time I was able to bring my camera and really take the time to snap some photos of things I was drawn to. Recently, I've mostly been looking for things to decorate my apartment, and found myself attracted to ornate wall hangings, interesting coffee table items and knick-knacks to decorate various shelves and table top areas in my apartment. 

Three wise men?

I'm loving sconces, especially these ones against this modern, minimalist chair. And who doesn't want/need the box of fish behind it?

Pretty collection of glass dishes, perhaps ice cream dishes?

Love the blue Ball jars. 

More sconces. My mom has a pair like this in her house that she places ever-changing nick-knacks on.


Been thinking of hanging a collection of mismatched picture frames on my walls.

Thought this was really cool! I'd put it outside my house (if I owned a house...)

Flowers are always pretty. I also love the iron, corner shelving unit, the small chandelier-style lamp behind it and the colorful vase to the right!

Shockingly, looking back on my pictures of the market I realized I'd barely taken any photos of clothing or jewelry, which are usually foremost in my mind. This decorating is getting to me! I think my mom calls it "nesting."

Having a space all my own has been both thrilling and exhausting: I'm in control of my destiny(!), but how on earth do I decorate the place?(!)? On my first trip to the Randolph Street Market in June I bought these three pieces to hang vertically in my room:

They are tin ceiling panels from the 20's that are mounted on simple wooden frames and given a rustic-looking wash to make the details pop. I absolutely love them! (These pictures are not the greatest though, I need to retake pictures during the day with natural light to make them look less yellow)

Needless to say, I think it will take some time to accumulate a sense of interior design style, and it is a totally new area for me (but I love the challenge!). I think it will be a gradual process to find things to fill my new home! Has anyone else been to the Randolph Street Market and found some awesome goodies??