Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I *Love/Crave/Need!*

Like, really really need, not just merely crave (much in the way any girl out there really needs another pair of pretty, pretty shoes...).

Red shoes!

I had an epiphany the other day: How do I not own red shoes?? What is wrong with me! I feel like I'm breaking one of the cardinal sins of womanhood and the gods of fashion are going to strike me down and smite me as I type this...Regardless, I've been craving a pair of candy apple red pumps for quite a while, but I have yet to pull the trigger.

Rock & Republic "Celena",

Promiscuous "Genoa11",
Best holiday option!

Sigerson Morrison "1013",

Betsey Johnson "Inoue",

Type Z "Harlow",

Cole Hann Air "Violet Ornament Bow",
These ones have friggin' paisley embossing! *droool*

Let me know which shoes are your guys' favorites! I realize most of these are suede, and thus not very practical for trumping to work in the winter slush, but who ever said anything about these being work-shoes anyway? Hmm, maybe I should start by looking at some practical red flats instead...


On a side note, is anyone else obsessed with Zappos? Free shipping both ways--say what?! And I know that it's possible to sometimes find the same shoes Zappos offers on other websites for less, but then when you add shipping it usually ends up being about the same amount. I'll always look around for the best deal, but a lot of the times I'll end up swinging back to Zappos for the same price.


  1. I like the grommeted ones the best. Red is one of my very favorite colors--I fully support the purchase of these pumps!

  2. some gorgeous red heels here. Love how they range from subtle detailing to show-stopping glamour. Stunning. x


  3. The Cole Haans are my favorites, but they're probably the most expensive too... Eh?

  4. I've been pining over red suede pumps, too! I love these from Urban Outfitters (and they're less than $50, which just makes me love them more):

  5. These are all AMAZING, but the 1013s are definitely my favorite. I think your feet would look mighty sexy wearin um :) Though the Violet Ornament Bow is also adorable!