Sunday, November 28, 2010

30x30 Day 8: Bright and brighter!

First off, thanks to everyone for the advice after my last post. I think my gut feeling was correct, and I should not go out of the house with those socks and that particular outfit. Thank goodness I didn't, and ripped them off right before leaving for work. How mortifying to leave the house looking like a yodeler from the knees down. ;)

This is my next outfit in my 30 for 30. I wanted something very colorful and bright because it was freezing this past week. And I like how chunky and rhinestone-y the headband it. This outfit was super comfy!

I love this vivid shade: it's so blue. It's by Velvet and was only $15 at TJ Maxx!

This badass ring is from Forever 21. Holler. 

Tunic/dress: Velvet, from TJ Maxx
Cardigan: Adrienne Vittadini, from TJ Maxx
Scarf: old Banana Republic
Black stretch pants: J. Crew
Purple loafers: Paolo
Ring: Forever 21
Headband: J. Crew
Necklace: bought in Australia
Belt: Thrifted


  1. You are so good at accessorizing! I love all the color in this outfit, very cute!

  2. Don't you love a great find?... that ring is amazing!