Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Goals for This Blog

Alright, so I've been enjoying my time here immensely in the past week or so I've been here; I posted a few times, on various topics and outfits I like; I've gotten a few comments *jump up and down!*; I have a 2 (that's two) people following me *jump up and down!*; and I've been able to greatly broaden my list of fashion blogs and bloggers that I find are all amazing.

I'm not just here to jump up and down about how many people are following me, or how many people have looked at each and every one of my posts. Its just really exciting to actually put something out there and have a response! I am so looking forward to getting to know other readers, bloggers, and fashion-impassioned people in general! What I want most is to generate a dialogue with others who have similar interests. I've been looking at fashion blogs for years without actually considering becoming part of the discussion, until I finally asked myself "why not?"

So, in short, I'm extremely excited to be starting this journey. And with this journey I am imparting on myself some goals and semi-rules! I'm sure I will be adding to this list and editing it as I go, but if I don't write them down now I will start to forget!

Goal #1 Add color to your wardrobe! 
I look back on my 23 years, mainly starting with high school, and my fashion sense was always I have my mom the thank for my appreciation of classic styles, and a love of black. But in that attempt to not put myself in the spotlight (of which I was terrified for so long...but who wasn't in high school?) my clothing choices were always very basic. A lot of black, grey, chocolate brown, and pale blues. And that was it. Now add more color!

Goal #2 Add pattern to your wardrobe!
(Please refer to goal #1, above) And mix and match with abandon!

Goal #3 Don't be afraid to try new shapes and cuts!
 I can't live my life in jeans, a t-shirt (and a cardigan if I'm feeling really wild)! I must try dresses! And more skirts! And be brave and try things that are outside what's considered "in." Along the way, make sure to learn what fits my body best! The colors and patterns may be good, I don't need to look ridiculous, for goodness' sake...

Goal #4 Ban those PJ's and sweats (most of the time)!
Don't get me wrong, everyone is allowed to have a day where they bum around the house and don't get out of their PJ's until mid-afternoon. And trust me, I lavish in those days. But the ratio of non-PJ-days to PJ-days should be much greater than it currently is...
(Oh, and this rule doesn't apply to sick days. Like, legitimate "I'm-really-sick!" days. That's my one loop-hole.)

Goal #5 Enjoy the process!
Hopefully this one will be a no-brainer for me :)

So that's my start. My manifesto. My credo. Or at least the beginning of it. I'm so excited to be starting this, and I hope I can get to know as many of my readers/fellow-bloggers as possible! If anyone ever has a question or comment, please don't hesitate to contact me! I readily welcome and encourage constructive criticism, comments and opinions. I am more than happy to oblige. :)



  1. Such great goals!! Mine were similar when I started my blog! :D
    following you now ;)

    and YES I totally do that too, I think "okay, if I wear this the amount of dollars I spent on it it was definitely worth it" so if I wear that dress 200 times I'm good XD but even if I don't I'll still wear it a TON

  2. I completely understand the whole 'getting the blog started' thing! I'm almost at the big ol' two-month anniversary of my blog and believe me, it's opened my eyes to a LOT. Enjoy it - it's so much fun!