Sunday, October 3, 2010

Its In The Books

Sorry this isn't an outfit-post like I wanted it to be, but I think I'm coming down with a cold, and it gets so dark so quickly this time of year!

Every summer my local library has a used book sale where all the books that people have donated throughout the year are marked down and sold to benefit the library (support your local library! Yay!). Its almost as fun as digging through a rummage sale to find that one diamond in the rough in a piece of jewelry or awesome clothing. This year I found an awesome book that I believe was (or could be used as) a textbook for studying fashion and its history over the past century. And it was only $6!

Before I go any further, I cede all credit of these photos to the writers/editors/makers of this book: "Fashion: The Century of the Designer 1900-1999," Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Könemann, Bonner Straße 126, D - 50968 Cologne, 1999. (And Charlotte Seeling writes the forward of the English translation version)

(See Mom, all those years of tuition paid off: I know how to properly cite a text! And no, my cat didn't walk over my computer while I was typing the author's name. Apparently this book was originally published in German in Cologne, then translated into English. Either way, the authors/translators did a very nice job!)

This thing is over 600 pages long and filled to the brim with gorgeous photos from each decade to illustrate the trends, influential designers, iconic fashion statements and milestone, and social impacts on fashion. I wanted to share a few photos I took of the book because it is too large for my scanner. I apologize for the flash points against the pages, by the time I got home from work it was too dark out for photos!

Its pretty in pink!
The beauty standard in the 1900's. She's so beautiful! And definitely not a size 2 :)
I also wish I could find hats like the one she's wearing.

Showing how older designs and fashions past can influence current/future trends.

I think this book was actually someone's textbook at some point.


Some of the most beautiful ever!

Not today, I don't think. This is where the book stops, as it was published in 1999. I feel old! I think I was still rocking out to the Spice Girls in 1999, and fancied myself a Baby Spice wannabe. That's right, I rocked the pigtails/buns. With a feather boa for Halloween.

I haven't read this whole thing yet, but read bits here and there that looked interesting. I mostly like the pretty pictures, but its interesting how it discusses the evolution of "the designer" as a producer of specific fashions. I looked on Amazon, and if anyone wanted to look for this book I found the version published in 2000 here. I think its slightly updated from my version published in 1999.

What do you guys think of the book's prediction that fashion after 1999 would be minimalist?


  1. what a great buy! i'm glad you found my blog. i'm now a follower of yours! xo

  2. Oh my goodness, my first follower! Haha. I'm now officially following you too, your 100th follower!

  3. What a cool find! I'd love flipping through the decades and finding inspiration.

    I think there may haven been a bit of minimalism the past 10 years, but not so much that I would classify them as such -- we've had plenty of outrageous fashion moments.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I love this kind of books and I can look at them for hours!!!The fotos in this one are really nice hte day dreaming stuff.