Monday, October 25, 2010

Brand Love: Fossil

Bad blogger! Bad! No, no, no! *shakes finger*

Ok, its hard to give valid excuses for having not blogged (is that the past tense of the verb 'to blog?') for a week. But I have a few anyway. The one outfit post I had scheduled in perfectly to photograph, the light was perfect, the wind was perfect, I was having a perfect-hair day, I had set up the camera angle perfectly, my test shots were taken and adjusted perfectly, the dogs were perfectly occupied for just long enough...and my camera battery died. *face-palm* And I didn't have to time to charge my battery because I had to run to class and...yeah. I've also had some major  and exciting life changes fall out of the sky this past week that I will share with everyone maybe next time! :) I will try to re-photograph that outfit along with some others soon!

Anyway, I wanted to start a new segment that I've had swirling in my brain. I'm still toying with the title, but I wanted to spotlight brands that I love! I don't consider myself a slave to specific brands or designers by any means, but there are certain brands under which I know I can always find something to adore. Fossil is one of these, and increasingly so as they extend their brand to include shoes, clothes, jewelry, and accessories. I haven't had the chance to buy anything beyond their bags, wallets and watches, but the stuff on their website is too cute! And (thank goodness) affordable too!

I first wore their watches in about eighth grade when I figured I should forgo my plastic digital timex for a more "grown up" analogue watch. They have great basic watches in a ton of different styles that I can whack around and wear everyday without feeling too bad about scratching it up a bit. I usually have a simple, inexpensive watch that I wear day-to-day and I save my nice watches for special occasions. My favorite "special" Fossil watch is this bubble one that I saw in In Style a year (two years?) ago. I dropped major hints, and by golly Santa delivered that year:

Fossil's got a laid back, boho feel about them that I really love, particularly with their handbags and shoes. They also use a lot of gorgeous and fun prints with their bags and wallets that I always like. Who wants a boring black wallet? Not when you can have one like this:

The most boring wallet I own is this solid red one, and I'll only carry it in my purses that are lined in dark fabric so I can find it more easily. But we'll talk save my obsession with fun wallets for another day...

And then this last bag that I'm (also) obsessed with. Its less professional and more fun, but I love that I can extend the strap and make it into a cross-body bag. And its very boho. Holla'.

So go check out their stuff! Does anyone have any experience with Fossil's clothes?

(And, in case anyone is wondering, this isn't a sponsored post by any means. I'm just talking about the brands/clothes/fashion I love!)


  1. Fossil does have some good products!

    Just wanted to remind you to do the mandatory entry for the giveaway!

  2. I like this feature! It's really easy to get in a shopping rut, so hearing about the brands that you like is a nice reminder to shop around. I also like Fossil-- one of my favorite wallets ever is a Fossil I bought in college.

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  4. don't have experiences with fossil, but i really like this red wallet ;)

  5. i totally love that watch!


  6. Oh my gosh, that has definitely happened to me with the camera battery! So brutal! Can't wait to see the outfit, and their watch is adorable!