Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snip snip pin!

My beginners’ sewing class is coming along. We’re using a basic pattern to make ourselves each a skirt, and as we’re really coming into fall I chose this pretty, tiny-woven tweed.

Okay, okay, I could have chosen a lot more exciting fabric and/or pattern, but all the patterns I LOVED were cotton broadcloths, a decidedly summer-y material that would be laughable to wear in Chicago beyond the month of August. So I went with wool, with strict instructions that I could not use anything with polyester or rayon or even a hint of a plaid print. Too confusing for the eyes apparently. I could have done pinstripe, but I thought that felt too business office. And I love tweed, charcoal grey, and swishy-skirts so it was a win-win for me.

I had no idea how many steps and precise details were required in making clothes from scratch. It makes me nervous to snip anything! However, I can see the pieces coming together and it looks like I’m actually attempting to make something wearable.

(Hmm. In the second photo my two pieces of fabric on the left look severely different in color than the rest of the skirt...let's hope its a trick of the light. It looks just fine in person...)

I hope it turns out well. I know its my first piece and mistakes and imperfections can be expected, but I’d love for it to turn out all pretty. In my head, this skirt looks feminine, and something I can dress up or dress down. We’ll see how it all goes! (finger’s crossed)

*Edit* Also, you can find the pattern I'm using here. Its by Butterick, and is pattern #4686. I am doing a short version of skirt C, but without the buttons on the waist. 

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