Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indian Summer

Today is one of those last few days in autumn where you’re tricked into thinking its summer. I’m soaking up the warm weather one last time before the temperature really starts to drop. I also figured I could squeeze in one summer outfit before I pull out my sweaters and boots. J
I have become entirely obsessed with men's shirts in the past few months. I love to belt them and wear them with leggings, skinny pants or skinny jeans. This summer I wore them with shorts and girly details.

Shirt: J. Crew
Shorts: Loft
Cami: Jockey
Flower Belt: J. Crew
Headbad: J. Crew
Shoes: Cordani
Saddle Bag: Fossil
Rings: both eBay
Watch: DKNY
The Mustard Seed is a really cool little shop in downtown Lake Forest, IL. Every item is a fair trade item that was handmade by someone in countries like Thailand, India, Kenya, etc. Everyone who "works" at the shop is there volunteering their time without being paid. Here's more from the website:
"One in five people around the world struggles to survive on less than $1 a day. We at the Mustard Seed – a fair trade shop inc., partner with cooperatives and artisans to provide a market for their creations and to pay a fair wage and/or to allow the artisans to set the price for their products. Most are women working at home or in small groups. Many are able to continue indigenous cultural crafts because of a growing appreciation overseas for their work. Many artisans are HIV positive or widows supporting families. Children are often the beneficiaries of sales of these items."

Check it out if you're in the area!


  1. I love that bag!! Its so great :D That store sounds amazing, fair trade is pretty cool

    YAYY for the jacket! Mine is a bit small on me but I don't care, haha...I could use the next size but its hardly ever on eBay anymore :/

  2. I steal my hubs' shirts all the time. I miss The Mustard Seed! They had one in Bethesda that I used to go to all the time when I lived in DC!

  3. Yes, I remember that jacket fitting a little snug, even when I could fit into it! And I'm pretty obsessed with the bag, I just got it last week! I think I will be posting on it this weekend :)

    Kristin: Really?? I didn't realize there were more locations! That's very cool. I get some of my most fun accessories there, and its so great what they do for fair trade.

  4. oh i love your brown bag!! i have been searching for one but haven't found the right one yet!! and i LOVE oversized mens shirts and sweaters they are so comfy with leggings or tights.