Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cinephile: Maleficent

Can we talk about this?

I was watching the Grammy's this Sunday when the extended Maleficent trailer came on during a commercial break. Cue drooling.

 I can't say Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney animated film, but twisting, intrigue-producing, fantasy backstories are right up there on my list of favorite things. Right next to beautifully shot cinematography and good lord can we talk about the costume design and how perfectly cast Angelina Jolie is as a wicked Disney queen?

The original. Looks like a gorgeous adaption to me, I'm eager to see it! 

Yeah, I'd be concerned too, sir. 

Also, Lana Del Rey sings the dreamy background rendition of "Once Apon A Dream," and I've already discussed my being enamoured with Miss Del Rey.

Anyone else looking forward to seeing Maleficent?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Those Who Wander...?

I've had a lot of change come my way this past year.

I started a new job. I started Crossfit. I lost a grandmother. I broke my first bone (let's hope it's my last...). I moved to a new apartment. I've made new friends. I've had many, many new experiences and encounters and learning moments this past year.

It's been said before, but let's say it again, for tradition's sake: A lot can happen in a year.

I've evolved a lot since I started this blog...It started as my creative outlet and was geared toward my love of fashion. I don't love fashion any less these days, but I find myself crunched for time when it comes to self-propelled photo sessions to showcase my outfits. Too bad I don't have a boyfriend/husband who is also a professional photographer...

I shall continue to stealthily snap pics of peoples' shoes on the El in the morning on the way to work (I prefer to think "stealthy" and not "creepy"). And heaven knows I pin all sorts of fashion-y things to my pinboards. But I want to make this blog something more. I want to share my photography, my painting, my sewing and crafting, the food I love to make...I have many methods of plugging into my creative side. So I think it's time I revamp this blog, dust off my keyboard, and get back to documenting all the things I love and learn in my life.

Stay tuned...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer's Bounty

I have a plot at a community garden in Chicago, called the Peterson Garden Project, a nonprofit organization that uses 20% of its garden plots to grow food for local shelters. I took my camera with me last Saturday so I could grab some cool shots of the garden.

Do you see the little visitor sitting on my Russian Orange tomato?

Blondkomfchan yellow cherry tomatoes, red currant tomatoes, and ground cherries.

Ground cherries get their name because you know they are ripe when they naturally fall on the plant and onto the ground. 

Ground cherries are related to tomatillos, in that the fruit grows in a papery "lantern" casing. The fruit tastes like a cross between a tomato and a pineapple, in my opinion. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Impressive Marketing: Dove Ad Makeover

I have been an admirer of Dove's social mission and stance on beauty, ever since I first saw the launch of their Campaign for Real Beauty in 2004. Yesterday Dove launched The Ad Makeover campaign, designed to help women and girls overcome low self esteem in a time when we're ever online and bombarded by cheesy ads and side bar suggestions:

Only 4%? That's so sad.

This campaign is something I can definitely get on board with. Even if it only targets Facebook ads, it's a good step. What woman hasn't at sometime felt pressure to appear physically beautiful in the opinions of others? I did some further research into Dove's ad campaigns over the years, and was quite impressed with the resources and relevant information found on their social mission page. Plus, I learned that Dove partners with Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Girls Inc. Bravo, Dove.

Although The Ad Makeover is currently only active in Australia (in partnership with Australian beauty brand Ogilvy), their facebook page states that they "are currently working to make The Ad Campaign available in your country." I'm very interested to see once it hits stateside.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Topshop Spring Style Party with CS Magazine and Emma and Amy

Wednesday night I had a stellar time at the Topshop store on Michigan Ave. Topshop held a party celebrating the arrival of spring, and Emma of Tres Awesome and Amy of Chicago Street Style (Chicago's two preeminent street style bloggers/photographers) hosted along with CS Magazine. 

It was really nice to catch up with some fellow Chicago bloggers I haven't seen in a while, and this event made for some really awesome style watching!

Neon and sparkle galore

Loved the oversized, rough-sketch style of this herringbone print dress!

Beautiful sheer skirt with texture and metallics. 

What fun!

Hair bar

Nail bar

Absolutely loved these adorable, feminine shoes!

Cicada necklace! Very cool, but perhaps too lifelike for me to want to wear around my neck...!

I nearly fell over myself when I saw these designs by Azeeza (left). You must check out her collection Atelier Azza, they are fantastic!

More beautiful pieces by Azeeza (standing at left).

Negative heel shoes, very Gaga of course. 

One of the hosts Emma, as seen from afar!

Kelsey Kreiling looks so pretty in navy blue. She's a designer and is the editor-in-chief of Laundry Magazine. She was also wearing these earrings by designer Julie of Jules, who was also there Wednesday night.

I think Kelsey said these shoes were Bakers...correct me if I'm wrong

Obsessed with the purple highlights and twisted updo!

Host Amy with the lovely Victoria Rose. I dig that they're both wearing hot pink bottoms. 

Amy chatting with jewelry designer Julie (left). I forgot to get a shot of Julie's outfit, but her jewelry is stunning and I can't decide which piece of hers I want from her line Jules (how about all of them?)

Emma having an animated discussion with Kelsey

This event was so much fun to go to. Thanks to Topshop, CS Magazine, and the hostesses with the most, Amy and Emma!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things I've Been Craving: Timepieces and Tribal Wedges

I've put myself on a strict shopping diet recently, but that doesn't stop me from looking...These are some of the things that I've had my eye on recently (but it they will have to wait...until I get my tax return, that is).

I've been looking for a large mens' or mens' style watch for a while now. I had found the perfect one on RueLaLa this fall, and while I foolishly sat contemplating if I really needed to buy that watch, some other online shopping snatched it out from under me and I haven't seen it online since. Curse my careful self-budgeting analytics!

I remember reading somewhere that an oversized men's watch can be a classic staple of a woman's wardrobe. I've always had smaller, nondescript metal watches so I've been specifically attracted to larger watch faces with leather bands for a change:

Fossil's Ansel Leather watch uses a warm brown leather strap against the subtle rose gold watch case. I also like the other small dials on the watch face (although does anyone actually ever use those?) $135

I love skeleton watches, where you can see all the internal cogs and mechanisms! I like how this exposed watch face is contrasted nicely against the simple, sleek black band. This one is $175 by Kenneth Cole.

This Skagen watch is more streamlined compared to the others, but I love the subtle mother of pearl face and the sleek designed that Skagen is known for. It's also a technically a women's watch, which probably accounts for some of that. $115

The first two watches are actually mens' watches, as in made for men to wear and not women. I haven't had a chance to actually try any real mens' watches on, have any of you? Any thoughts or suggestions?

I've mentioned before how I love tribal print, and as a definite trend the past few seasons its become easier and easier to find. And as summer rapidly approaches what's better than combining this colorful trend with some beautiful summer wedges?

Chinese Laundry Milk Shake wedge in a vibrant tribal orange print with a raffia-wrapped wedge. $79.95 at Zappos

The Lindsay wedge by Kate Spade New York. The rainbow of rope stripes on the wedge here is classic Kate Spade, harking back to the candy colored bags that first brought her such fame. It's offset nicely by the nude patent straps. $275 at Zappos

These wedges have my name written all over them. A bold black and white geometric print on the heel, and a psychedelic splash of hues on the instep and straps, all grounded by the solid black ankle strap. So much love for this MIA Reeba shoe. $59.95 at Zappos
I think these are so beautifully subtle. And a T-strap is always a good thing. Coconuts-Vice wedges by Matisse: I've had some great shoes by Matisse in the past, and you can't beat their prices. $73 at Zappos

This one is wonderfully boho. Type Z Kagey shoe that also comes in some crazier colors that you can see if you follow the link. I would contrast this shoe with a structured mens' watch! $59 at Zappos

With any of these shoes, I'm appealing to you to indulge your inner Tall-Girl. Even if you're already tall. It's hot, trust me. 

Can you tell I like to browse Zappos? That place is heaven for me, and I like supporting a company like Zappos because they provide such wonderful customer service. I'm also a huge fan of their company culture (you should check out some of their videos on YouTube), and they treat their employees well. That's a high-five in my book. 

What have you been craving lately? And if you have any shoe or watch suggestions, please send them my way!